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This video is long, but if you're a fan of video games, Mario Kart, speedrunning, or glitch hunting, I recommend it.

Hey, question about Breath of the Wild and glitches for anyone familiar with the game. Reblogs really appreciated bc I'm kinda worried

So, I recently started my 6th playthrough of Breath of the Wild, just because I was bored. I finally decided to play on Master Mode, which is the, well, harder version of BOTW. Since I had already beaten the games 5 times before, I was just casually messing around. Glitched out of the Shrine of Ressurection, whistle sprinted everywhere, fall-damaged canceled off Shekiah Towers- you know, fun stuff. But, a few days ago, I was with my cousins and decided to show off the moon jump glitch to them. For anyone who doesn't know, it's a simple to perform a glitch that makes Link be able to jump infinitely and take no fall damage. Now, I'm going to need to list off how this glitch works for my next bit to make sense.

  1. The reason you take no fall damage and can keep jumping is that the game is continuously thinking you're always on the ground.

  2. It is impossible to paraglide with moon jump since you are always "on the ground"

  3. While the game does think that you are on the ground, it doesn't register where you are standing. This means that if you teleport to a shrine and walk off a cliff, you won't spawn back at the edge of the cliff- you'll spawn at the shrine.

  4. Moon jump will go through save files, meaning if you play in Master Mode or Normal mode and then switch to the save file that is on the other mode, you'll still have moon jump.

Now, there is a shrine that I'm sure most people who've played the game will know of. It's the shrine where you gather the Rito bird children and stand on the platform to use a korok leaf play a short song- boom, shrine. Well, I tried to do this with moon jump equipped.

The pedestal lit up orange, meaning that it knew Link was standing there. After completing the puzzle, it lit up blue- meaning I had done it right. But... no shrine. I was confused, but I just thought it didn't register me right because I had moon jump on. So, I disabled it and tried again. ...Nada. Nope. Same thing. I definitely don't have moon jump on anymore, so what's happening? I wouldn't be so worried, but I'm trying to 100% this file, and I need all the shrines to do that. So far every other shrine or game aspect is working fine- why is mine flipping out now? Is it permanent? Why hasn't this happened in my other save files I've done this in?

If anyone here is really into the mechanics of BOTW, I'd really appreciate any thoughts. I also made some pretty cool discoveries about moon jump while I had it going before the whole Warbler's Nest thing, but that's another post. Thanks for reading.