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Food Ask Game

I see these ask games every once in a while and wanted to make one!

Noodles: What's your earliest memory?

Dumplings: What's your worst or longest-lasting habit?

Cake: What video can you watch over and over again?

Souffle: What is the skill you're most proud of?

Cocktail: What's the craziest drink (alcoholic or not) you've ever had?

Nuggets: What's your favorite fast food place?

Ramen: What is your favorite college food amalgamation?

Sandwich: What is your last google search?

Burger: What was your last video search?

Tea: What's your favorite midnight snack?

Coffee: What's one thing that you always think back on fondly?

supermario asked:

Silly cooking question: Could a poptart be classified as a ravioli?

Slightly more serious cooking question: The best kind of cake, in your opinion (whether you want to judge by taste or how fun it is to make)?

Hmmm... In the technical sense, pop tarts are ravioli. Ask any self-respecting Italian that and you'll regret it though.

As for the cake, hands down Red Velvet. It's fun to make, tasty, and just great.

autiestella asked:

favourite way eat eggs?

In egg drop soup!

autiestella asked:

CHIP BUTTYS have youhad chip butty. enjoy the chip butty

I have not! I am American, we like our foods AMERICAN here. (I'm kidding, but... yall really eat just a- a fry sandwhich?)

An Anonymous user asked:


I LOVE them! They're versatile, filling, and just plain tasty! Potatoes are always a yes

phantomflame03 asked:

pinapple on pizza? yes or no? what about other fruits? And I'm not talking about dessert pizza. Me? I rather like blueberries on pizza.

I... cannot tell if the blueberry thing is a joke but power to you. I personally am just a really big fan of either a simple margarita pizza, or mushroom pizza. As for pineapple on pizza, I don't really have an opinion tbh

An Anonymous user asked:

What are 5 important spices that one should have in their pantry (minus salt and pepper)?

For me, I would choose seasoned salt, garlic powder, onion powder, cinnamon, and dill

autiestella asked:

ifyou cook aspiral what would taste like

I can't tell whether you mean a spiral or aspiral, the wastewater treatment. I'm guessing the former, not the latter. If you cook a spiral, it tastes like vertigo

babushka asked:

i used to think mac and cheese was just macaroni and cheese but apparently its a whole dish

Yes! Most mac n' cheese you make yourself is from a box, but that's not the case for a true mac n' cheese! It's made with a bechamel sauce, which is a cream sauce that is kiiiinda similar to a roux! It's what gives it that heavy and creamy texture that boxed mac n' cheese can lack, although the boxed stuff is admittedly really good lol

An Anonymous user asked:

What is your favorite dish to cook?

This is such a hard question!! I'm going to answer two questions here- what's my favorite dish and what's my favorite dish to cook.

My favorite food has to be seafood mac n' cheese. Creamy, seafoody, hrnnn tamsty

My favorite dish to cook, at least as of now, is pasta Agilo e Olio, a simple dairyless pasta that only has seven ingredients and is super simple, but tastes soooo good.

phantomflame03 asked:

How do you usually cook chicken? Baked? Fried? Grilled? Etc

Grilled! Well, I'm also putting sauteed in here. Nothing beats a nice grilled teriyaki chicken breast over some rice for a quick meal ^^

babushka asked:

how much of cooking oil is too much

This depends! For sauteeing, you want just enough to keep things from sticking, but also not enough to start sputtering everywhere. For pan-frying, I'd say its usually right at or over that sputtering point. And, well, deep-frying is deep-frying. Oil for everyone there.

An Anonymous user asked:

What (in your opinion) is the most important part of a dish? The carb, vegetable, or protien?

I would honestly say that all three hold equally important (although wildly different) roles. The carb is usually a vessel- such as pasta or bread. It allows for many different textural sensations as well, like al dente pasta or toasting the bread. The vegetables do two things- add flavor and color. Vegetables like onions and garlic are crucial to enhancing flavors. Greens and carrots are not only wonderful flavor additions, but things like parsley and cilantro add a burst of color. The protein is definitely the big flavor factor in most dishes, but admittedly, it's probably the easiest to replace. Obviously many people already don't eat meat. But, a nicely cooked protein really adds a nice umph to any dish.

hey bored people. ask me cooking questions.

nap asked:

The Sun: What motivates you?

Honestly, the future. The possibility that if we keep trying to survive and make our way through life, that we may make it to where we want to be someday.