Synthesystem Info

System Name: Synthesystem (Synthesis which means link or chain + System)

System Size: 26 are confirmed

Example: Alter name (any nickname): Gender; pronouns; system role

Charlie: Female; She/Her; Original Host

Kieran: Male, He/Him, They/Them, Co-Host

Sumimika: Male; He/Him; They/Them; Arcas/Arcan/Arcanself; Protector

Raylin (Ray): Male; He/Him or They/Them; Primary Protector

Taki: Non-Binary Male Presenting; He/Him or They/Them; Caretaker

Juice: Non-Binary, They/Them, Gatekeeper

Venus: Agender, They/Them, He/Him, TH

Priapus (Prius): Male, He/Him, TH

Murrit: Male, He/Him, Fictive

Dismas: Male, He/Him, Fictive

Edolon: NB, They/Them, Fictive, TH

Occeus: Male, He/Him, They/Them, Fictive/Emotional Protector

Karkat: Male, He/Him, Fictive

Nagito Komaeda: Male, He/him, Fictive

Bede: NB, He/Him, Fictive, TH

Serez: Male, He/Him, Sage/Sageself, Weirdo

Taako: Male, He/Him, They/Them, Fictive

Kravitz: Male, He/Him, They/Them, Fictive/Protector

Angus: Male, He/Him, Fictive/Little

Mithra: Female, She/Her, Little

Opal: Female, She/Her, Little

Ovi: Female, She/Her, Caretaker/Emotional Protector

Haru: Male, He/Him, Little

Cordelia: Non-Binary Female Presenting, They/Them; She/her, Persecutor

Omega: Non-Binary, They/Them, Tr/uma Holder

Alpha: Male, He/Him, Gatekeeper

We will tag any posts about our alters under #Synthesystem

If there are any questions about any alter in particular, what a certain role is, or just an explanation for this in general, don't be afraid to reach out!