The Mailbox Continuum Overview

This is an overview of my original story thread called "The Mailbox Continuum" This is a set of smaller stories revolving around a larger, more complete main story which all takes place in and around the Mailbox Thread. The Mailbox Thread is the specific world in which all stories are to and will take place, which consists of many different rules and facets which can be seen and explored throughout many of the iterations of the stories.

*Irrequieto* is the first and main story of the Mailbox Continuum. Heavily focuses on fantasy, mystery, and other common young adult novel themes. Many smaller stories may include minor characters from *Irrequieto*, but *Irrequieto* is the largest and most lore-heavy series.

*Timor* is a side series set in the Mailbox Continuum. Focuses on the Rayiels from *Irrequieto*. It is a horror focused story with many twists and turns.

*Dilectio* is another side series based on Irequito, which focuses on the dryads in the forest. Focuses on romances and nature, as well as finding yourself.

*Turbamentum* is a side story with a mostly new cast from *Irrequieto*, which focuses on the turmoil after a murder which causes our cast to frantically search for the killer. Heavily focused on the unrest of the masses due to their distrust of the police and the main cast.

*Fortuna* is the story of how luck follows one young man and how he lives to change the world.

This story will be uploaded is post threads. When one chapter is uploaded, I will repost the new chapter onto the main thread for that particular story. Stories will each be uploaded onto different threads. For example, *Timor* and *Dilectio* will *not* be posted on the same thread.

Chapters for the stories will be updated at our leisure, but we will try to put out at least once a week. Chapters for different stories may come out at different times. If a chapter for *Irrequieto* comes out one week, *Fortuna* may have another released the next.

It is heavily encouraged for all stories to be read as they come out when you are caught up, as information being released one week may help with the flow of another story the next.

The plot of some stories, as well as the number of stories, may change over time. Please keep in mind that I am by no means a professional and this is simply a passion project I have been building for years. If you have any criticism or questions, just leave an ask and I will answer as honestly as I can as soon as I can.

Tags for these stories will be: #mailbox continuum #irrequieto #timor #dilectio #turbamentum #fortuna

These tags can help you find a specific story or the entirety of it.

Any common tr/ggers will be tagged beforehand, but I may miss one. If you catch something or want me to pay attention to something I might have said that offended you, leave an ask or reblog.

I look forward to writing for you.